We offer our clients a team-based approach to investment management.
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Brington can help any kind of customer in attaining their specific objectives.
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A first conversation that is more individualized in nature.
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Brington Investment Limited

Brington Investment began with a straightforward notion

We can make a difference by putting the client’s interests ahead of our own in a field where high quality, objective advice is difficult to find.

Brington Investment is a fee-only asset management company that offers services to 401(k) plan sponsors, institutional investors, and individual investors. Along with 401k and IRA rollovers, retirement planning is our area of expertise.

You can count on us!

Like yourself, like what you do, and like how you do it, and you'll be Successful.

Our Group

Experts from a wide range of investment disciplines make up Brington Investment. To best serve our customers, we create tailored investment teams with the optimal mix of abilities, expertise, and personalities.

Our Opinion

Fair management fees, inexpensive investments, and complete transparency, in our opinion, should be given high priority.


Allow us to help you grow your company!

We work with our customers to handle their investments in a way that is in their best interests and helps them reach their goals. We do this with the greatest honesty and ethics, as well as ethical responsibilities and full openness.

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